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Who Are We

Hi ...

I put this website together to spread information about what we went through with our son, Gabe,  in dealing with craniosynostosis.  There are so many resources out there available -- I just wish I would've known about them before Gabe had his surgery.  What I know now can benefit so many people.  For some costs may be a big part of getting a child surgery or letting him/her grow up with an abnormality.

Our goal is to raise awareness amongst parents -- realizing their child's differences and receive the proper treatment. Most parents aren't aware of cranial sutures, let alone that one or more could close prematurely and require surgery. Some families aren't properly diagnosed at first and get told that they are overacting to their child's abnormal shaped head.

Secondly, we would like to inform parents of the surgical aspect, what preoperative tests will be performed, where to have these tests locally (Idaho), blood donation, what to take to the hospital during the hospital stay and the extent of hospital stay.

I can be reached directly at:
PCC - Parents of Children with Craniosynostosis,
4928 Freedom Ave.,
Chubbuck,Id. 83202
(208)238-1979  or